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4 Ways to purchase the Down the Road CDs

1) Come to our live shows! You can be sure we’ll have some with us. CDs are $15 for our new release "Back to the Country" and $10 for the 1st one.
2) Call us or send us an email request and we’ll let you know where to send a check (see our email addresses and phone numbers above) so that we can mail a CD to you. Mailed CDs are $17 / $12 (includes shipping). Add $2 for foreign orders.
3) Visit, call, or email Dusty Strings Acoustic Music Shop at 3406 Fremont Ave., Seattle, WA 98103, 206-634-1662, musicshop@dustystrings.com, www.dustystrings.com. Gary works at Dusty Strings so he'll make sure they're in stock!
4) Buy through CD Baby (click CD Baby and follow the link)